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Meet Our Clients
Our clients are just like you. They want the facts presented in a way they can understand simply and clearly. They want to make decisions that are based on accurate concise information. They want solution based options that are not clouded with personal opinion...and....They need all this quickly without sacrificing quality. Here are examples of our customers and how they use us:

Families buying a New or Existing Home
Individuals Selling, Buying, Building or Leasing a property.
Contractors monitoring Progressive Construction Quality
Landlords or Renters recording Pre/Post Lease Condition
Insurance Companies or individuals for Loss Documentation, Risk Assessment or Insurance Premium Discount Qualification
Realtors looking to provide a high level of service to their clients.
Lenders needing a quick response with accuracy and quality. any way we can help!

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US Building Inspectors, Inc.
Serving All of Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties
561-784-8811    954-298-1128  
HI#2147  MRSA#1796  Wind Mitigation Inspector CES-11-I044, #IAC2-02-1643

"Inspected Once, Inspected Right!"
"Now, allergy testing in your home!"

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