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USBI is constantly aware of  the leading technologies available for the building inspection industry.
We use technology tools and we co-develop our own software tools and share them through a service portal. 

These tools are an important asset. They help speed up certain processes while increasing accuracy. This gives us time to do more and see more than our competitors resulting in a more comprehensive inspection for you.  Our reports include photos to help you "see" what we are looking at when inspecting the building at the time of inspection.

Intelligent Proprietary Software
Intelligent Proprietary Software

Software that actively draws the inspector through a comprehensive process to insure accuracy and creates an electronic document that can be printed immediately and can be delivered anywhere in the world via the web.
Check out our SAMPLE REPORT and see for yourself!

Pen Based Computer
Pen Based Computer

This  is our field tool of choice to host our software.  It enables fast data entry and converts handwriting into a clear, readable text document that can be delivered electronically. 

Laser Infared Theromometer
Laser Infared Theromometer

This is a fast accurate way to record temperatures throughout the inspection process. Its' also fun to use!

Digital Circuit Tester
Digital Circuit Tester

For fast accurate circuit testing. Why guess?

We use a variety of ladders, ones that are perfect for each and every project.  One of which might be the magic disappearing ladder allows us to climb 12 1/2 feet high yet when collapsed we can navigate in homes without damaging property. It's light and very easy to carry.  We are also able (provided we are told in advance of the height of the building) to inspect or take photos of taller buildings.  A drone service may be ordered in advance.  Be sure to tell us.....


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US Building Inspectors, Inc.
Serving All of Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin Counties

as well as Highlands, Polk, Okeechobee, and Indian River counties

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Patrice A Hofstrand, HI#2147, MRSA#1796, MRSR#4798 Wind Mitigation Inspector CES-11-I044, #IAC2-02-1643 and NORMI Certified Environmental Allergen Assessor (NCEAA) 

Antonio Prieto, HI#10955

"Inspected Once, Inspected Right!"
"Now, allergy and mycotoxin testing in your home!"

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