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  • Patti is exceptional, she undertands and takes the importance of her job very seriously. I absolutely place all my trust in her judgement and will recommend her to every I know.
  • Patti returned my initial call within 30 minutes and was able to schedule an inspection for the following day. Her company was quick, thorough, and efficient. I had the test results back the NEXT DAY and mold report within 48 hours of my first contact with her.  We appreciate her company's work and would highly recommend her.
  • Patti is the best!  She was my mold inspector when I was buying my house and was really helpful.  She spent over 3 hours and had 3 guys with her.  Very professional and honest.  I will recommend her anytime.  We were very pleased with the professionlism of the inspectors, and the attention to detail she and the other 3 inspectors provided me.
  • I have never had a better inspection/assessment of my home.  Thanks to the extensive and thorough assessment for the presence of mold on a home I own but is an investment property of mine.  Thank you!
  • Thanks Patti for going above and beyond the call of duty.  You've been thorough, professional, reachable (for sure!) and trustworthy.  We appreciate all you've done to help this process move forward!   Can't wait to move in!!
  • Patti came highly recommended by someone that I really trust in the housing industry.  Called Patti on a Wednesday and needed a mold inspection within 7 days.  She was more than willing to accommodate my request.  I was not able to be present but when they were done, she called and did a "walk through" with me over the phone.  Her thoroughness with the inspection made feel comfortable in continuing with the purchase of an older home.

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